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a game of stark children not listening to their fucking mother

Moms are always right

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"A molotov cocktail, huh? I haven’t seen one of those since that Guns ‘n’ Roses concert in 1989…" — Art Mullen in Justified (S04E11)

Alright, now you’re all gonna get in fucking trouble if you act like it’s a museum

Win Butler (professional hype man) saying his random shit before Power Out (via winbutlerquotes)

Manics vs Jack White


Soon after Jacked White opened his set on the Pyramid Stage with two White Stripes numbers to keep the crowd warm, before meandering into a country-music style interlude and then a self-indulgent rock out. It was as if he was trying to be all things to all 200,000 Glastonbury festivalgoers. He…